This Summer Holiday - We have put on a range of new activities

Wat a Summer!

We have had some new activities added to our timetable.

As we head into the busiest weekend and with good weather we have a full list of activities to come.

Den Building - Suitable for Children aged 6+ go wild in the woods and create shelters for you and your friends £3.55 per person.

Outdoor Cooking by Campfire - Suitable for children aged 5+ Cook outdoors and enjoy the company of others, fill up those empty tums from a walk with hot dogs and smores! £3.55 per person

Art in the Park (Wild Art) - Create a masterpiece with the great outdoors £3.55 per child

Soft Archery - £1.50 for 6 arrows

Pond Dipping - There is a whole world in our ponds, learn to identify the pond life £3.55 per person

MiniBeast Hunt - There is a whole world in our fields where the bugs domain and the people don't disturb, learn to identify the pond life £3.55 per person

Butterfly and Bird Walks  - Look to the skies as you identify the many beautiful butterflies that flutter by our eye. £3.55 per person

Discovery Park Walks (North End and South End - We our rich in history here at Wat Tyler learn more and enjoy a 45 minute walk with us. £3.55 per child.

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